10 tips for making your manicure last longer

Manicures are the perfect way to treat your nails to some TLC; however, there’s nothing worse than leaving the salon only to chip them 15 minutes later. It’s just as important to take care of your nails after your treatment to reap the full benefits of a manicure, so with this in mind, take a look at some of our top tips for taking care of your nails after your treatment:

  1. Moisturise your hands regularly
    Nails lose moisture quickly, so be sure to use a good moisturiser daily to keep your nails and hands in good condition.

  2. Avoid warm water for the first few hour
    If you can avoid contact with water for the first few hours after your manicure do it, especially warm water. Polish takes times to dry and heat interferes with this, meaning your nails are more likely to chip or get minor dents/nicks.

  3. Avoid using hand sanitizers
    Hand sanitizers are great for killing bacteria, but not so much for your freshly painted nails. The alcohol in hand sanitizers strips away at your nail polish, so it’s much better to opt for a mild antibacterial soap.

  4. Wear protective gear when doing chores
    Whether you’re doing the dishes, or gardening, wearing gloves will be a saving grace for your nails and protect them from unwanted damage.

  5. Use a base coat
    A good base coat will not only protect your nails, but will also make applying your nail polish easier and hopefully last longer.

  6. Apply a top coat every couple of days
    Applying a top coat every couple of days will help protect your nails from everyday wears and tears and keep them looking fresh.

  7. Opt for a softer nail shape
    Nail shapes that are softer, such as oval, tend to wear better than square and are less likely to get caught on other materials, meaning you won’t have to worry as much about chipping.

  8. File your nails
    If you do get small snags, filing your nails can get rid of the little wears and tears at the top of your nails. Simply apply a fresh layer of top coat after and your manicure will be as good as new.

  9. Use glitter
    If you’re feeling a little more creative you can always use glitter to cover up small wears and tears and give your nails an extra sparkle.

  10. Roll your nail polish bottle, don’t shake
    If you haven’t used a nail polish in a while and it’s starting to dry up, you may automatically shake it, but shaking the bottle causes small air bubbles to form, which can transfer to your nails and cause chipping. Instead, roll!

Of course, once you’re ready to take off your nail polish, be sure to use a good quality nail polish remover. Nailswipe is an easy to use, brush on nail polish remover that uses up to 90% less solvent than normal polish remover. Buy yours here.