6 nail care myths removed

There are certainly some myths out there that have fooled us all, even professionals. So we thought for a fresh start to the year, let’s get the age-old myths on nail care officially removed! Take a look and see if we can surprise you.

Myth no.1 - nails need to "breathe"

This is by far the most common misbelief in nail care! But we’re here to let you know that it really isn’t true. In fact, since your nails are made entirely of dead cells, they don’t obtain any oxygen from the air, and get all the nutrients they need (oxygen included) from your bloodstream.  

Myth no.2 - nail polish dries faster in ice water

This is another popular belief, but again completely untrue and actually does the complete opposite! As nail polish only dries when the solvents in the formula are able to evaporate, smothering them in cold water will never do the trick and causes an uneven finish to your polish. Heat is always a better choice.

Myth no.4 - white spots on nails indicate a calcium deficiency

Now this is a very old myth, perhaps only linked by the connection that both the spots and milk are white! But it’s been firmly established that calcium is not the culprit to the markings, and neither is zinc or any other vitamin deficiencies.

This whiteness on the nail named, leukonychia is actually most often caused by mild injuries occurring to the base of the nail. And another much more rare cause is through problems in the liver or kidney functioning, which is usually identifiable in conjunction with other symptoms.

Myth no.5 - trimming cuticles is harmless

This is a good myth to wise up on fast as removing your cuticles is not harmless, and in fact puts you at a far greater risk of infection. The cuticle is nature’s barrier from allowing water, yeast and other environmental exposures from entering the delicate area where the nail is produced.

Disrupting this barrier can allow entry that can cause inflammation called paronychia potentially along with bacterial and fungal infections. If repeatedly damaged, the cuticle may not be able to grow intact again, and it can become a chronic ongoing issue. So be gentle with those cuticles!

Myth no.6 – storing nail polish in the fridge will make it last longer

Nail polish doesn’t respond well to sudden temperature changes; so while storing it in the fridge may help prolong its shelf life, once you remove it from the fridge it’s likely to have a chemical reaction, making application harder. To store nail polish properly, make sure the lid is sealed tight at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

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