Clean and easy

  • Brush Nailswipe onto your nail polish, leave for a few seconds and wipe it off, taking the nail polish with it. One nail at a time or several.
  • Quick, easy, cleaner and less mess.
  • The nail polish bottle size is perfect for carrying with you on the move and is super travel friendly.  Each bottle can remove up to 50 full manicures.
  • Ideal for repainting the damaged polish on one nail. The nail polish on that nail is easily removed without spoiling the others.  (When you hold a tissue soaked with normal remover in one hand, the nail polish on that hand is easily damaged.)
  • Nailswipe acts directly on the nail polish so it only uses 10-15 % of the solvent used by conventional removers. Imagine the reduced pollution if we all did this!
  • Your hands stay cleaner.  Other removers, particularly using remover pots, spread polish onto the skin and under the cuticles.  Nailswipe hardly even comes into contact with your nail.  As soon as it has seeped into the nail polish, you wipe both off.
  • Not suitable for gel nail polish. Sorry, you've still got to sit there with your fingers in acetone. To make your normal nail polish last as long as or longer than gel, just use Nailswipe to remove the polish on a chipped nail and repaint it - anytime, anywhere. Takes a minute, keeps your nails looking great for as long as you like and saves them from the damage gel polish does not to mention the cost and time for appointments.


Safe and green

  • Reduces flammables – 15ml in you room is safer than 150ml, whether you are at home or away.
  • Less solvent inhalation and smell in use. Up to 90% less fumes for you, for those near you and for the atmosphere.
  • Almost completely removes skin contact on the hand holding the tissue you are wiping away with.
  • The side of the tissue you are swiping stays dry so your fingers do too. Great for sensitive skin or conditions such as dermatitis – and, again, better for your lungs.


Other uses

  • Corrector – use the brush or a cocktail stick to accurately apply Nailswipe to any nail polish on the skin or cuticle around the nail.  Wait a few seconds and simply wipe off.
  • Nail preparation – before applying your nail polish, paint Nailswipe thinly onto the nails and wipe off immediately.  This will remove any traces of oil which could impair the adhesion of nail polish to your nails.
  • Strengthening – we don’t know why but people who have been using Nailswipe for a period have told us that their nails have got stronger.
  • Conditioning.
  • Nail polish rejuvenator – add a few drops to a bottle of nail polish which has thickened (which normally means it has dried out) and shake to give it a new lease of life. Best done with a ball bearing in the bottle to aid mixing. By the way, nail polish drying out usually happens because the cap has not been screwed back on tightly enough. This can be caused by a build up of dried polish around the top of the bottle. Quickly dab Nailswipe on this (you may need to wipe the Nailswipe brush clean after this) and leave for 30 seconds. Wipe clean and firmly replace cap.  
  • Nail art – Using a cocktail stick dipped in Nailswipe, you can create dots and stripes.  Just apply, leave and wipe off as usual.  Swiped quickly, the rest of the nail polish is not affected. Try it on single layer polish.


1.  Give the bottle a brief shake.

2.  Apply a thick layer of Nailswipe with a couple of quick strokes to one or more nails.

3.  Leave for 15 seconds - a little longer for thicker layers.

4.  Press tissue or cotton wool against the nail and wipe clean towards tip.

Repeat if required.  Excess not wiped off may leave white residue when dry.  This is just natural silica and will simply wash off.